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The art of telling a story isn’t rocket science, but it is an art after all. It’s about conveying emotions, captivating an audience while also delivering your message. We are obsessed with statistics and numbers. But if they are not delivered in the right way, our brain won’t remember them. But you will remember how they made you feel.
Storytelling helps you make a long-lasting impact on your audience without compromising your status of expert.

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'About me'
‘About me’

We want to know who is behind the product or service we buy into.

The ‘About me’ page’ is arguably the most important section on any website. Yet, it is also the hardest to write. Because you don’t want to brag, you end up with falsely modest paragraphs that don’t do you any justice.

Working together, we can restore the balance and write an attractive portrait of your beautiful self!

Brand guideline
Brand guideline

I was tempted to call this section ‘The Big Book of Me’ but maybe this is too grandiose?

It is essential that you define your brand both from a visual and language perspective. What are your colours, font, logo? What words do you want people to use when they talk about you? And why?

We will dive into your project and your personality to create an ultimate guide for you to use in all your communications.


For your project to be visible, you need to produce new and relevant content on a regular basis.

Should you create a blog section on your site? Yes!
Should you leave Twitter for Instagram? Maybe.
Mostly you need to be actively publishing on all platforms.

I will define a schedule and a content plan for all your channels, in line with your priorities.
If you are in need of a copywriter, I can certainly help on this front too.

Training & coaching

It’s ok not to be born a natural public speaker. It’s ok to be slightly scared by journalists questions. It’s ok to need to refresh your communications skills. Life would be terribly boring if we already knew everything.

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Media training
Media training

Media interviews can be terrifying if you don’t know what to expect.
Luckily once you’ve gained some confidence, they can be pretty fun too!

We will work on defining your key messaging and making sure you are putting them across. You will learn how to address difficult questions. But also what you can request from journalists and what to wear on camera.

In this case, practice makes perfect.

Public speaking coaching
Public speaking coaching

I’m obsessed with TED Talks, one of my favourite ways to learn new things. But only a small percentage of speakers make me want to dig into a specific subject.

Public speaking is hard for so many reasons. But you can gain confidence by addressing these issues and practising your speech with a few insider tips to help you going.

We’ll work on your natural rhythm, your body language and the music of your speech.

Communications training
Communications training

Because I often worked on my own, I became a Swiss Army knife of communications.

I dabbled in everything: from internal to external communications, social media, PR, asset design, email marketing, SEO, content creation, strategy, planning, copywriting, project management…
You name it; I’ve done it.

It would be silly to leave all that knowledge to rot. I would love to share what I’ve learnt with your communications team.

Journalism & research

I’m interested in telling people stories, stories of hardship and stories of success, but mostly stories that will make people think differently. In-depth interviews and long features are my favourites. I write for different media and format. I once conducted interviews on Facebook Live. And I recently started to review feminist books on YouTube.

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